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“St. John’s has been good for us. The smaller class sizes and the one on one attention … the kids are able to bond together and within a few years it is more like siblings than classmates and form strong friendships. The integration between classrooms from preschool all the way to 8th grade is so good for the kids. The smaller kids are excited to have big kid friends. As they get in to the pre-teen/teenage years it is comforting to know they have those friendships when they start to have the peer pressure and other life choices to work through. We have teachers that have impact beyond the classrooms, we have coaches that check in beyond the court, we have pastors and staff that are always readily available which has resulted in a well rounded team that know my kids, not just by their names but truly know them and can tell if something is off with them. Both of my boys are able to learn about God, build their faith, be held accountable, learn core values along with getting an outstanding education.” -- Parent of Kindergarten and Seventh Grade Student

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from the mom of a kindergartener

Kindergarten has been great for [our son] - he loves to go to school everyday, hugs Mrs. Young whenever he sees her, and has blossomed in all areas of learning and growing!  This group of boys is tight-knit, and Mrs. Young has done a great job of building community within the classroom.  They play together well, take care of each other, and look out for one another.  He loves to come home and do his "homework" - practicing math skills, reading a book, or finding something to take into the classroom for group learning.  His reading has exploded - from practicing sight words at home to checking out beginning readers from the library, he's learned so much!  He's also gained a great level of confidence through Mrs. Young's patient encouragement and consistent support.  Mrs. Young and St. John's School have been such a blessing to our family and to our son!

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